Work Summary:

  • More than 18 years of network management and computer support. Director of Network Services at Marymount University, Senior Network Administrator at Pulse Communications, built on a foundation of various previous positions of increasing skill and responsibility and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Maryland College Park.

Employment History:

Apr 2001- Marymount University
Aug 2004 Arlington, VA

  • Director of Network Services:
    • Areas of Responsibility:Network Administration and Network and Teleco Wiring
      Manage Budget of $500,000
    • Number of direct reports:four (three network administrators and one network/telco wiring technician)
    • Duties Included: Oversee the day-to-day and long-term administration of the University’s Network Infrastructure. Systems include Sun Solaris, Novell Netware, IPlanet (E-mail and Calendaring), Cisco and Nortel network devices connected by twisted pair and fiber optics spanning two primary campuses and a satellite campus.  Coordinate network usage requirements and future planning with other departments both within the Telecommunications Department and across the University.
    • Significant Departmental Accomplishments during my tenure: Implementation of a SAN centralized server drive unit, Overhaul of Backup System, Overhaul and upgrade of faculty/staff/student E-Mail system, Significantly increased available Internet and Intranet bandwidth, Implementation of a centralized user account system (using LDAP), Incrementally upgraded and replaced aging systems. Separated the Network Services budget from another area of the Telecommunications department and brought the department up to full-staff level.

Jan 1996- Pulse Communications
Apr 2001 Herndon, VA

  • Senior Network Administrator: duties included the following areas of expertise:
    • Senior Novell NetWare Administrator– Planned and conducted upgrade of medium sized corporate network from NetWare 3.x to a consolidated NDS structure.  This upgrade involved all aspects of the servers including major hardware replacements, network operating system upgrades, network access and account structure consolidation, client upgrades, and end-user education on the new systems.  Upgrades to the network servers have been continued to keep pace with the users continuing utilization growth.  Oversee daily server/network operations, server utilization and capacity planning with the assistant Novell administrator.
    • Corporate Postmaster– Planned managed conversion of the corporate mail system including internal and Internet mail access. Conversion was to Novell GroupWise from Lotus cc:Mail. System utilized SMTP, POP3, Web interfaces in addition to the desktop client, and paired with MailSweeper to provide corporate e-mail policy and virus protection. 
    • Previously I planned and conducted a complete overhaul of the Lotus cc:Mail system including client upgrades, postoffice conversions, creation of process batch files and procedures for 24x7 maintenance and account management. Internet mail was upgraded to S-Bridge SMTP software, included virus scanning modules, and anti-spam configuration.  System was then configured to integrate with two satellite offices, providing a seamless e-mail system to the users and Internet.  Advised and educated assistant e-mail administrator and satellite office e-mail administrators.
    • Advisor to Help Desk– Advised and assisted the Help Desk coordinator in network administration matters. Acted at senior advisor on e-mail and Novell issues, and assisted in resolution of systematic network issues.
    • Network Infrastructure Technician– Aided in the design and implementation of the upgrade from an undocumented 10base2 Ethernet to a fully documented 10/100baseT switched network structure utilizing Cisco network switches, router, and assorted hubs.  Consulted on the expansion of the network infrastructure to include connections to three remote facilities and provide access to users in the field.

1994- Decision Systems Technology Incorporated
1996 Greenbelt, MD

    Senior Network Administrator– Administrator for the corporate headquarters’ network and e-mail systems.  Network configuration included dual Windows NT 3.5 servers and Windows for Workgroups. Operated help desk for computer issues.  Headed interdepartmental study group for possible use of a World Wide Web server, and presented proposal to management concerning introduction of corporate web server and internet access

    Information Systems Specialist -    Contract Assignment: Dept of Education, Washington, DC
    Provided technical expertise to client on replacement of outdated Bulletin Board System to provide public access to education related discussion groups and government sponsored documents. Solution included modern bulletin board system front-end with links to their new centralized World Wide Web server and discussion groups.

1993-  Information Systems & Networking 
1994 Bethesda, MD    

    Contract Assignment: PRC Support Contract NASA Headquarters, Washington, DC

    Communications Engineer II: Maintain the Office of Space Communication’s (OSC) network resources. Support was provided to the mid-sized office network of primarily Macintosh systems including 5 file servers running AppleShare.  Additionally administer the e-mail resources on a QuickMail server and oversee the network interface with NASA Headquarters’ building wide network.  Plan and implement upgrades to the hardware and software platforms. Assist in maintaining a software and hardware inventory for all computer resources.  Provide end-user support on all installed software.  Diagnose software and hardware problems. Monitor hardware and software markets for new products and review it for applicability to the needs of the users.  Designed and implemented OSC’s initial World Wide Web server.  Additional positions held: Microcomputer Analyst I

1989-  Allied Signal Technical Services 
1993 Camp Springs, MD  

     Contract Assignment: Naval Research Lab, Washington, DC

    Senior Computer Input/Output Coordinator:Maintained the Spacecraft Engineering Department's personal computer resources including both MS-DOS/Windows and Macintosh systems.  Reviewed hardware and software markets to help plan for future expansion of personal computer use. Acquired and tested new products for their reliability, compatibility, and usefulness.  Acquired, installed, and configured new computers, peripherals and software for end-users.  Instructed end-users in the use of computer systems and application software.  Network administrator for both an AppleShare file server and Novell NetWare 3.11 server. Created and maintained an inventory and network address list of the personal computers and users' accounts. Supervised junior computer technicians for user and network support.  Planned and implemented networking of personal computers to other computer systems using IPX, TCP/IP, and AppleTalk protocols. Installed, configured, and administered multiple hubs, gateways, routers, and other networking devices.   Established and operated a personal computer repair facility. Held Security clearance.

1986 - Instructional Television System
1989 University of Maryland, College Park, MD

    Microcomputer Specialist:Supervised and maintained the microcomputers at ITV. Duties included troubleshooting user problems; specifying and installing hardware/software; and writing batch and dBase programs.

    Other Positions held: Technical Director, Distribution Coordinator, Distribution Assistant, and Night Manager.

    Federal Communications Commission Radio Station Operator's License issued February 13, 1987.

Computer Skills:

  • Networking: years of network / internetwork experience at all levels including:
      • File Server Administration – NetWare, MS Windows NT, AppleShare
  • E-Mail Administration – GroupWise, cc:Mail, SBridge, SMTP, MS-Mail, QuickMail, Pop/IMAP
  • Specialized Network Services Administration – HP JetAdmin, ArcServe for Novell and NT
      • Wiring Technician:10/100baseT, 10base2, 10base5 and Localtalk. Installed, configured and administered various Ethernet switches, hubs, gateways, routers and terminal servers.
  • Hardware: years experience on Intel based DOS PC's, including most major brands.
  • 11 years experience on Apple Macintosh, including Apple technical training. 
  • Software:
    • Intel Based Workstation: MS Windows, MS DOS, MS Office, Net Objects Fusion, WordPerfect, Lotus 1-2-3, Netscape, MS Internet Explorer, AutoCAD, dBase III+,  Paradox, and many other DOS programs and utilities.  Introduction to Linux.
    • Macintosh: Apple Macintosh systems, Macintosh A/UX, Soft PC, Orange PC, WordPerfect, MS Office, Netscape, NCSA Mosaic, VersaTerm Pro, Canvas, MacDraw, and many other programs, network management and diagnostics utilities.
    • Programming: Course work in C++, LISP, Prolog, Lex, Yacc, dBase III+, BASIC, FORTRAN 77, Pascal, and Assembly .
    • Web Design:  Designed, wrote, and implemented several early World Wide Web sites, designed and maintain my personal web site at:


  • Graduate Course work in Information Management, Marymount University
  • Bachelors of Science in Computer Science, University of Maryland at College Park, 1994.
  • Certified NetWare Administrator 3.x (CNA), certified 4/93
  • Apple Macintosh & Apple II technician, certified 4/90

Previously Held Security Clearance:
Granted access to sensitive compartmented information (SCI) based on single scope background investigation (SSBI) completed on February 7, 1990, with additional Poly date of March 31, 1993

Extra Curricular:

  • Eagle Scout
  • Flying Circus Airshow (Board Member)
    Alpha Phi Omega service fraternity


Professional and Personal References available upon request.


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